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Make a Blog With a Free Domain and A Free Hosting

How can make a blog for free and how can promote my blog or website. How can purchase a free domain and hosting to start a blog?

I will cover all these topics in my article. But you need to stay on this post or page. Then you will create your own blog or website. Why you should create your own website. I know you want to earn money from your blog or website. So, you need to read this full article.

Make a Blog With a Free Domain and A Free Hosting

How can make a blog for free

If, you have not any way to earn money in your real life than you can earn money online by making a blog on Blogger or WordPress. You can easily make a blog for free and then you can earn money online. But you need to buy a hosting and domain name to start a blog. So, now I am talking about a free domain and a free hosting. Then you can easily set up your blog with a free domain and free hosting.

A free Domain Name Purchasing Method

So, first of all, go into your browser and type freenom and go to then signup into this website. You can easily signup in this website by your email address then you need to set up a password and press signup. After the signup process, a verification link will come in your email inbox. You need to verify your email by this link. Then you can login in your freenom account. You will see a box for search your Domain name enter your domain name which you want to buy for free. After this you will see a list of the free domain you can select any domain name and then check out this domain then you can buy it for free.

Free Hosting Purchasing Method

If you want to make a blog on Blogger. You no need to purchase a free Hosting. Because Blogger is a Google Platform and it gives us a free inbuild hosting. So, you can easily set up your blog in Blogger with a free Domain name. But you like to make your blog on WordPress. and you need to purchase a free hosting. Then go into your browser and type infinityfree and then you will see a website like then open this website and signup into this website.

Then you will see a box of your hosting account to connect your domain name. now click create a new account and then you will go into a new page you need to enter your free domain name in custom domain section. And go into your freenom account and change nameservers and add a new one which you will see on upside your enter box. your domain is now connected to hosting.

After this, you need to open your control panel and then click on softclaouces button. Then install WordPress. Now, your website is ready to go.

if you want to buy hosting:

Why Should You Create A Blog

I think you know, at this time the internet is the best way to earn money online. Many people have not more than ways to earn money in his real life. So, you can start a blog with your own content. you can earn a huge amount of money in this way. You need to promote your blog and gain more traffic for your website than you will prepare to earn money from your website. So, this is my own method for our money by creating a blog. I will show you in my other upcoming articles. So, you need to stay on my blog. You can read my articles.


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