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What is AIDS and HIV? | it's cause, symptoms and treatment

What is AIDS?

In 1982, the disease was detected and in 1983, the doctor Luc Montaigner discovered the virus of the disease. Nowadays these diseases are being spread all over the world. According to data from the WHO world health organization, more than 2 million people in 150 countries of the world suffer from AIDS.  It has more number of men. First of all, the virus of HIV was found in the monkey of the Special Prajapati of Africa and from that spread it all over the world.

What is AIDS and it's cause?

What is the full name of AIDS?

AIDS = acquired immuno deficiency syndrome 

It is a disease of many different types of it. Which goes on spreading. This reduces the ability to fight other diseases in our body. From which we can not cope with other diseases.

What is the symptoms of AIDS?

The entry of HIV in any person's body is called primary infection. Its infection is not visible in 2 to 4 weeks, but after 70 to 80% of people, some symptoms start to appear for some time. Such as: - headache, body ache, light fever, boils, anxiety, etc.

Then this symptom ends very soon. And no symptoms appear for about 3 to 12 years. But HIV virus keeps its work inside. That is, the immune response of HIV in T4 leaf-losses is continued. And slowly along with the blood, the intra-body fluids are reached.

3 to 4 after the destruction of the T4 leafyotites, the immune system of the infected person starts working slowly. Such a person becomes a victim of full AIDS, which shows the following symptoms:
neumonia, blindness, spots on the face, insanity, persistent fever, skin cancer, diarrhea, lack of appetite, fatigue, pain in the whole body, dry cough, mouth and intestinal wounds, warts on genitals, etc.

Ultimately - the immune system of the person becomes so inadequate that the person has many types of infectious diseases like malaria, TB etc. And this causes him to die.

What is AIDS and it's cause?

What is the reason for having AIDS?

1. Inhibition of men of seminal syndrome, and most of the fruits due to sexual intercourse.
2. Transfusion of infected persons to a healthy person leads to HIV infection.
3. By locating injection to injections and injections by the doctor, the HIV gets into a healthy person from the patient.
4. After the birth of the fetus in the fetus or from the infected mother, the baby gets in the body of the baby with milking.
5. The transition of organ transplant from a healthy person to HIV becomes infected.

Control of AIDS

1. All persons should have complete knowledge about AIDS.
2. Injection needle should be thrown after using once.
3. Blood test should be done only after testing the donor's body.
4. Organs should also be tested for HIV for organ transplantation.
5. Care should also be taken for coitus and condom should be used.

How to treat and diagnose AIDS disease?

The diagnosis of HIV infection needle disease diagnosis can be done by the electron microscope with the presence of a virus in semen, vaginal discharge, saliva, milk, blood, etc. In fluids, but the scientists have invented the methods of its simple chemical investigation. 

Determination of the infection of HIV is determined by the detection of antibodies present in the blood by the symbiotic examination. Elisa test is done for this test or the ELISA kit is used.

ELISA = Enzyme linked Immuno Sorbent Assay Kit

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