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Android System Battery Drain issues |solution

Android System Battery Drain issues |solution

Why your mobile batteries drain very fast? Can you solve this issue? So, yes I can solve this issue normally because this problem is very big and I faced this problem before. So, I have a solution for this issue. You can easily fix this problem after following my few steps.
First, you need to clean junk files from your android mobile or your Smartphone. Then you need more relax on your phone. And free pressure from your mobile’s processor. Then your mobile working smoothly.

Mobile Battery Drai Problems, Drain Issues Solved

Delete useless Apps from your mobile

If you have some apps which are not used by you. So, you can uninstall these apps immediately. Then your mobile’s battery will relax free. You can remove your game’s cache data. Then your mobile will free for use. And run very fast. When you charging your mobile battery not use your mobile. Otherwise, you will lose your battery life. If you have lost your battery life it cannot work properly and drain very fast. So care your mobile’s battery.

Clean your mobile’s background data

If you have a lot of background data which is waste. Then delete it before your memory will full of space. If Your mobile has a low space of memory and storage. You need to free it from junk files and cache files. It is very important for your mobile. Your mobile wants some space to run any apps or any software. If you have filled all the space then your mobile will not work properly and battery drain very fast because it has a lot of pressure.

Use any antivirus for your mobile

I recommended using any antivirus for your mobile because it is very helpful for your mobile. So, you must use an antivirus for your android mobile. It will help you to clean junk file and junk folder and can free ram and storage. Your mobile battery charge very fast from the help of antivirus.

And you need to clean your mobile’s restrictions files and folder from your mobile. Then it will work your mobile battery for a long time. Remove background running apps from your mobile. Please use any original charger for charging your mobile battery. If you are using a local charger you have to change it. Before your mobile battery will waste.

Some recommendation or suggestion for you

Always turn off your WIFI network and Bluetooth from setting. If they turn on always it has taken a lot of percentages of your mobile battery. So, you have to turn off these from your android setting. When you are playing games you have to use a game booster or any antivirus. Because it will help to play your Game smooth. Your game working smoothly then your mobile processor is free for any load. Then your mobile battery runs normally and not wants to drain very fast. If you running the internet then this time to turn off your internet from mobile.  When you not using the internet. You can off your internet.

This is a big problem of drain battery from your mobile. Simple follow these steps and stop draining the battery of your mobile. Which people running mobile phones for his work. They were very sad about his mobile battery draining issues. I explained every small issue which is harmful to your mobile.

When you are using WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social network. You can’t understand your mobile and running it for a very long time. This is a big issue. You can run your mobile for a short time for doing your important works. The battery draining problem was solved. You can enjoy your mobile battery for a long time.


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