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How can promote Blog or Website on Wikipedia?

What are the uses of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a big platform for share your knowledge in the public. Wikipedia helps you in sharing your knowledge in the world. You can easily share your any type of knowledge which you have? If you are a student and you want to share your education in the world or public. So, this is the right place to share your knowledge. You can share your business here. This platform is the best one for asking any question which you want to ask.

Website promote with wikipedia, Wikipedia,

How can create an account on Wikipedia?

You can easily create your account here within few steps. So, let’s start. First of all, you need a Gmail id for creating an account on Wikipedia. Then go for Wikipedia with the help of Google. And select your language. And click sign up button and Easily sign up here and then you will receive a verification link from Wikipedia. Simply verify this link and you will enter in your Wikipedia account. Then you must set up all your qualifications here. Now, your account is ready for use.

How can promote my website on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the best way to promote your website or Blog. So, first, you have to login in Wikipedia. Then open Wiki Grabber with the help of Google. Wiki Grabber is a search engine which is launched by Wikipedia?

wikigrabber, wikipedia

Then search a category in the search section. Search a category which you want to promote and which is your website or Blog category? Then you will see many websites. Choose a link which is recommended by Wikipedia.
and click on the dead link.

wikigrabber, wikipedia

Then You will see a link which is dead and not available on Google at this time. Then slide your cursor on this link.
wikigrabber, wikipedia

click on the edition button.

wikigrabber, wikipedia

After this, click on the edit button then you will see many links you need to paste your link here which you want to promote.
wikigrabber, wikipedia

after pasting your link you must save this edition and your link is ready to promote.

Create Backlinks for your website or Blog in Wikipedia

Use this same method for creating backlinks for your website or Blog. You can claim a high-quality backlink from Wikipedia. And you will receive a high amount of traffic on your website from Wikipedia. So, finally, Wikipedia is a big and helpful platform for promoting any website and business. This is very helpful for ask any question.

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