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Save your life in this Season | Winter Season

So Hello friends, Today I will show you that How can you save you life in this winter season? You can save your body from the cause of winter season. Read this full article to know about these disease.

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What is winter season?

Winter season in India comes once every year. In which the people of India are very happy. And they go to many places to roam. They go and realize their dreams. People of India wait for the winter season. And take full advantage of it on its arrival. But at the same time, they do not care for the problems that occur. Which can be very harmful.

What is the disease from winter season?

In the winter season, these diseases continue. If you are an Indian then you will definitely know about these diseases. Because it can happen to you as well. And what do you know is this disease.

Making Disease from Winter Season


1. In the winter season you can have a fever. And you should treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise you may have to suffer a great loss.

2. In winter season, most of your adi pat is inlaid. For this you should use any Vaseline or any good medicine.

3. In the winter season, your hands and feet swell. There is a lot of pain in them and you have to wear shoes or slippers.

4. In Winter Season, you may have a headache problem. When you say so. And if you get cold air then you become headache.

5. In Winter Season, you can also get cold and hot. So you must be child dreaming. And you should do Vic's.

Some tips about Winter Season

Winter Season requires you to wear hot clothes. Otherwise it may have an effect on your health. So you just have to take care of these things. Then you will not have any problems.

Do you also want to go with your family in this winter season? You can go unexpectedly This time you can take the winter fun with your family. Because this is going to be something for you. And you wished this winter of the very winters from my side

Do you like going with your family? Because some people are also like this. Those who can not remain happy with their family. That you also have one of them. If so, you have to pay it. Because no one is left to give up on his family. You should be happy with your family.


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