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What are the best 3 chrome extensions?

Why should you use chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are the most useful and helpful for your website SEO. So, you need some extensions for your browser which is helping you in SEO. Seo is a big thing for your website to rank in Google. So, suggest you use some helpful extensions in your browser which you want to use. If you are using Google Chrome so, these extensions will easily run in your browser.

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What are the best 3 chrome extensions?

You can easily download these all the chrome extensions from your browser’s web store. You need to search “web store” in your browser. And search all these extensions one by one in your browser and can download.

These are the best 3 chrome extensions:

1. Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is the best extension for your browser and your website. You can easily find your website ranking in the world and in the country wise. If you know about your website’s ranking so, easily open your website in chrome and tap only one time. Then you can easily know about your website’s ranking in the world.
And if you want to make backlinks for your website. But you want to know his website ranking. You can easily watch this. So, this is a very helpful extension.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a very popular site on the internet for correct spellings and sentences which is your writing mistakes. This is a very big point for writing in English then it will help you to correct it. A Grammarly extension available on internet which launched by Grammarly. You can easily download it from your browser. How is it working for you?
If you are writing your post in Blogger, WordPress, and etc. and you have many mistakes in your article then you can easily remove your mistakes and correct the article. Grammarly is free for you but it has a premium version you can buy it for paying some dollar.

3. Similar Web

The similar web is a very hard working helps for you. It helps you in any others and your website ranking. And which sites are linking with your website. And what is your websites traffic value per month and per year? What is your website’s backlinks and referring domains? You can easily know about your website. Full SEO report you can take form Similar Web.
It is very helpful for bloggers and to do SEO for your website. Which is the best website for making backlink you can easily take a full report about any website and then make a backlink on this website?


Chrome extensions are very helpful for SEO, writing a post, make backlinks, and generate traffic for a website. An extension is a big solution for your work easily and correctly. You can use these all extensions in yu chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox.

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