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How to use promocode in Paytm?

can we use paytm cashback promo code for taking some discount or cashback? you can easily apply any Promo code in Paytm but how? if you would like to use Paytm for any online transaction like electricity bill, online recharge, online payment, online money transfer to bank, and more. so, you would like to save your money for any transactions.

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Now we are reading how to use promocode in paytm? Then start this. but, you have paytm app or an online way to open your account in paytm to learn how to use promocode in paytm? so, let's start.

How to use Promocode in Paytm?

first, select your category would you like to pay for online through paytm. then follow my simple steps:

1. suppose I want to pay money for online recharge.

2. now enter your mobile no. in the required field. and enter the amount in the required field.

3. Select your recharge pack by clicking on the packs button.

4. Now click on proceed to recharge button without tick on fast forward.

5. Now click on Have A Promo code button to enter a promo code.

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6. Now select any promo code would you like to use it for your recharge.
7. Your promo code is used successfully and your cashback will be added in your account within 24 Hours.

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 we are giving a conclusion for you. use your promo code safely. In some cases, your promo code will not use properly. so, you need to check this many times.

you can easily get your cash back within 24 hours. because paytm is a very popular online transaction platform to make a transaction with safe.

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