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How To Increase JIO Speed Without Recharge?

If you want to really increase your Reliance JIO internet speed after your 100% data exhausted. so, read this full post till the end. You can easily run your youtube, browser, facebook, twitter and more...
How To Increase JIO Speed Without Recharge? , Reliance JIO Tricks, Internet Tricks

but, before you need to read this full post. now, we are talking about all the topics which are search by people like - How to increase Reliance JIO speed? How to run my JIO internet very fast, How to increase JIO speed after 1gb. So, I will cover all the topics in this single post.

How To Increase JIO Speed Without Recharge?

If You have a JIO Sim and you will get daily 1.5Gb data. You can easily finish it by watching some videos on Youtube in full HD. After finishing your data. you will sad. Now, what can you do? you are waiting for the next day.

So, How you can increase your internet speed after 1gb.

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follow all the steps:
  • goto your network setting
  • and go for your APN
  • after this edit your APN name
  • type jionet4g
  • and now save this
  • now, goto server and type
  • and save this
  • then select APN protocol
  • and select IPv4/IPv6
  • then save your setting

Now, restart or reboot your device. and now you will get a high speed after 1gb.

How to reduce data usage in JIO

If you want to reduce your data in Reliance JIO. so, you can save easily within only one step. simply follow my steps. got your setting and select data usage. and you need to set your daily data usage limit. If you will do this. you have informed before your daily data exhausted. Now you are free for your data to expend.

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