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Fastest Android Launcher | Minimalist Android Launcher

Why You Should use android launcher for your Android?

If your Device is a low-end features and specifications and your phone is now out of dated version. Then you should use some fastest android launcher and minimalist android launcher. You want to make your device like a cool and smart device then you can use this launcher for your android device. I will give you a launcher which is now in trending. I will give you this launcher for free.

So, let’s start about launcher and which is best launcher for android. But, you need to read this full article till end.

Fastest Launcher, Android Launcher, NOVA Launcher,

Minimalist android launcher and Fastest Android Launcher

If you want to take a launcher which is totally free and you should make your android device like a cool device. So, Nova launcher is a best launcher for android. You can easily setup this launcher in your android device and can full enjoy with this launcher.
  1. This launcher is easy to use for android.
  2. Easily add any widget with your own size on the screen.
  3. Use gestures for quick navigation.
  4. Organize that app drawer.
  5. Frequent and recent apps.
  6. Enable night mode in this launcher.
  7. Many themes available in this launcher.
  8. Use many types of wallpaper for this launcher.
  9. Huge range of customization options.

How to Install Nova Launcher?

  • First, uninstall the previous version of Nova launcher and tesla unread Apk from your device.
  • Then download all the latest Apk and files given below.
  • Now install tesla unread Apk and nova launcher Apk form my website.
  • Now, enjoy!

Download All the files given below:

Apk: Nova Launcher Prime Apk (Beta Version).


This launcher is easy to use and you can easily setup and install this launcher in our android. You can make you android fast with this launcher

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