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Get Free PUBG Skins - Gun Skins - Bag Skins

How to Get Free PUBG Skins in Pubg Mobile game, you can easily get some skins in Pubg mobile game but you need to complete some tasks by playing Pubg mobile game. so, you know it that how to play Pubg mobile and survive in the Pubg mobile game.

get free gun skins in pubg, get free bag skins in Pubg,
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If you will kill 50 enemies by playing some games in Pubg mobile and survive till the last blue zone. so, some people searching in Google that how to get bag skins in Pubg mobile game and ho to get Gun skins in Pubg mobile game. so, I will explain all the facts about how you can get all the skins for free or without spending your Uc in Pubg Mobile Game.

Get Free Bag Skins In Pubg Mobile

there are many bag skins you can get for free. But, you need to complete these steps.
First, click on the events button and see all the steps. And the first step is to kill 20 enemies in classic mode and get this bag skin. And the second step is to kill 40 enemies in classic mode to get this bag skin. and the last one is to kill 50 enemies to get this skin.
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so, carefully complete your surveys for getting free Bag skins. you can kill 15 enemies in a match in Pubg mobile. so, you need to play 4 matches in classic mode to complete all the surveys then you will able to take all the skins for free.

Get Free Gun Skins In Pubg Mobile

There are many gun skins But you need to know about all the Gun skins. There are only available 4 Gun skins to get for free and Which is Gun Scarl, Gun M416, sniper Kar98k, and UMP9. so, you can take these skins for complete these surveys. 

If you can get really these skins you need to complete all the surveys which are also the same as used in getting free bag skins in Pubg mobile. so, carefully kill enemies and then get all the skins.

If you have any news. so, comment below and send me. if you have any queries about Pubg mobile free gun skins and free bag skins. so comment below.



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