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How to Create Backlinks Manually - WeFeed Now

If you want to create backlinks manually with your mobile or pc. You can easily create backlinks on any website which can accept comments on his website. You can create a DoFollow backlink with any comment. But, before you will create a backlink. you should know about backlinks. what is backlink and how is this working?

What is Backlinks?

The backlink is really a big factor for the website. Because backlinks are helping you to rank your website fast and increase your website's domain authority. a backlink is working for transfer you to one website's webpage to another website's webpage. so there is backlink gives you more traffic on your blog or website.

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How can create backlinks manually?

First of all, you need to know how to cover your comment into backlink? You can easily do this work but first, you will write a comment which is covered with your keyword. This comment is looking like a real comment. Because some people are thinking that your comment is a scam. And they will delete your comment from his website.

How to cover your comment into Backlink?

I will give you an HTML code and you need to know how is this working. So, I will explain. First, you have your keyword and you also have your article link. You want to rank in Google or create backlinks for this article.

#1. HTML Code:  <a href=”your link here”>you keyword here</a>
#2. HTML Code:  <b>a href=”your link here”>you keyword here</a></b>

I was given two types of HTML codes for you. So, the first type of code is normal which is used for backlink and the second type of code is used for making your comment bold.
Example: 1. normal – your comment and 2. Bold – your comment

How to approve your comment backlink instant

If you will create a good comment on his website. Then the owner of the website can approve your comment instant. But, if you will give only your link then it cannot accept or approve your comment. So, you need to create a unique comment backlink.
I am always creating unique comment backlink and it can easily approve. No one can disapprove my comment because I cannot think to give him a scam backlink which is harmful to his website. So, you are intelligent. And do work smartly not hardly. If you work hard you will feel some pressure. So, work smartly and get success fast in your life.

Best website to create backlinks

You will always to save your website to scam. And you want to rank fast your website on Google. So, you need to know about which is the Best websites to create backlinks manually through the commenting process. You will always try to find a high DA and PA website to create a backlink. Because these websites already rank in google and if you create backlinks on this website. Then Google thinks that your website has responsible and trusted. And Google tried to show your post on his first page.


So, I already explain all think about how to create backlinks manually. I think you now have full knowledge about this topic than what is backlink and how it is working?
So, always do work smartly and always think about your success.

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