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How to Delete Disapproved Adsense Account - WeFeed Now

Hello Friends, My name is Deepanshu. And to day i will show you how to delete disapprove adsense account. and i will give you 2 methods to delete disapprove adsense account. and there are many reasons than many persons want to delete his disapprove adsense account. so, let's start. read this full post to delete your disapprove adsense account easily.

What is the Reason to Delete Adsense Account?

Why? you want to delete your adsense account.

this article for you who made this mistakes.

i am paying many times on adsense for rearranging this.

it’s very terrible to doing the same stuff, like apply for Adsense account, waiting for Adsense approval.

Delete Adsense Account, Delete Disapprove adsense Account,

Why I Delete My First Adsense Account?

when i start blogging. i tried to apply for adsense approval. but, i spend many time for adsense approval. and I am waiting for 30 days. and after 30 days a mail is coming on my gmail account that your adsense account 

then i decided to delete my account and create a new adswnse account with a new website. so, if your problem are same as me. you can easily delete disapprove adsense account.

How to Delete Disapproved Adsense Account Account

you can easily delete your disapproved adsense account easily. but, you need to follow these steps. i will give you 2 methods to delete Disapproved Adsense Account.

First Method to Delete Disapprove Adsense Account.

1. Login in your adsense account.
2. Goto your Setting in Sidebar.
3. And Now, Click on Account Information.
4. Then you will see a "Close Account" Option.
5. Click on it.
6. you will automatically transfered on another webpage.
7. Now, you will see a "Tick Option" Tick On it.
8. Then select a reason for close adswnse account.
9. and tick on agree terms and conditions options.
10. Now, A confirmation link is recieve in you gmail id.
11. which you have entered for creating adsense account.
12. Click this confirmation link. now, your account has been disabled.

Second Method to Delete Disapproved Adsense Account

I will give you a Disapproved Adsense Account Form. Where you Can easily Delete Or close Your Adsense Account with Easily Fillup this Form. And you need to Enter your Adsense user id in this form for delete your Disapproved Adsense Account. tour request procced in 3-4 days. Then you can create a new Adsense Account.


so, Friends i explained two trusted methods which is helpful for  delete your Disapprove Adsense Account. So,If you have any Problem related Adsense And Blogging You can ask with us. And tou can write Your Queries in comment box. i will try to read and solve your problems.

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