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What is Pingomatic? Best Tool For Bloggers

Now, we are going to explain that what is pingomatic? And how it is working for your website? Can you rank fast your website with pingomatic. Yes, you can easily rank you article which you are going to submit in pingomatic. Pingomatic have many search engines which is help to rank your article in in particular search engines.

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What is pingomatic?

Pingomatic is a free tool. Which is help to rank your article fast. And improve your article ranking. Because it has many search engines there. Which is help to rank your article and drive lots of traffic to your website? And now you can submit your article in many search engines in one click easily by pingomatic.

If you write a new and fresh article then all the bloggers suggest that submit your article in pingomatic. Because it is really help to improve your ranking in Google and many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Yendex, etc.
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Why it is important to your website?

Pingomatic helps you to get original traffic to your website.
Now take an example that you are publishing a fresh article in your blog today. And you will go for doing SEO for this article. And you will submit this article in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, web2.0 submission and etc.

All the activity you are doing for your website. this is only for some little traffic. But, how can you inform all the search engines that you are published a fresh article in your blog.

Don’t worry, Pingomatic will viral your blog to all the search engines. And also Google that “Hey Google I was published a fresh article in my Blog please submit this article to your directory.” And all the search engines will working on your article show in there search results.

How Does Pingomatic Works?
If you are submit your article link in Pingomatic? It sends ping to multiple search engines. That this website publish a new article and then search engine bot will crawling your website and index the new URL of your website.

Pingomatic is really help to improve ranking in your website. And this is a free tool you must try it. There is no spam. Because this is very popular website and really working and I am also using pingomatic. Because this is very helpful for rank my article in multiple search engines.
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How to Use Pingomatic?

Pingomatic is very simple to use. If you are new then you can do it easily.
And now, follow my all the simple steps to submit your fresh article URL in multiple search engines. 

So, follow the steps given below:
  • First of all, search Pingomatic.
  • And open its official website.
  • Enter your blog name.
  • Enter your blog URL
  • Check the entire box (These are the search engines, all will get notified once you click on Send Pings button)
  • And Click on send Pings.
  • Your work is finish now.

What is the Benefits of Pingomatic?

  • ·        First think it is free.
  • ·        Fastest way to index your fresh article in many search engines in one click.
  • ·        Easily ping your backlinks you have created on your articles.
  • ·        A certified tool for bloggers.
  • ·        No need to visit multiple search engines to submit your fresh URL.

You can easily beat your competitor with the help of Pingomatic. And easily generate lots of original traffic to your blog or website. If you are new in blogging then you must try this tool which is totally free and easy to use. It is very helpful tool for new bloggers.


There are many related tools are available in internet. But Pingomatic is free tool and it very easy to use. You can easily send pings to multiple search engines by one click. And I explained all the following steps to use pingomatic and how it is working. you can try any other ping tool. But I am not sure that any other ping tool will work or not. Because I am using Pingomatic and it is working properly.

If you have any queries related to this article then you can comment your queries in the comment section bellow. I am try to give your answer in 24 hours.


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